Here, you can find information about the Origin Realms' vast array of NPCs.


Located right in front of the spawn area.
0R-Bit is one of the first NPC's you will see when you visit the Origin Isles. It is a friendly welcoming bot that should set you off on the right path.


Located to the North end of the isles. You can use the Yellow Balloon to get to visit also.
Jacko run's Jacko's farm at the North end of the isles. He will sell you seeds for your farm, and will also buy any produce you create. A good starting way of making some rubies.


Works on the farm with Jacko.
Jeckyl will sell you planters, soil and multipliers for the seeds you buy from Jacko. A lot of the crops you buy from Jacko can only be planted in planters, rather then on the ground, so make sure you pick a few of them up.


Can be located within the Fracture Forge, through the spawn gate on the left.
Pebble will repair your broken items that you have tried to enchant. There is a chance of destruction for some enchants, and when this happens, your item will be in a broken state and will need to be repaired.


Can be located by going through the gate at spawn and following the path round to the South.
Boulder will enchant your relic items. (Needs to be corrected).

Witch Hazel

Located by going through the gate at spawn and following the path round to the North.
Witch Hazel will buy and sell some nether based items like Glowstone Dust and Nether Wart.


Bolt is on the same set of market stalls at Witch Hazel.
Bolt will buy and sell some redstone based items like Pistons and Repeaters.


Follow the path South after going through the spawn gate to locate Clay within the cave.
Clay will buy and sell rare materials like Redstone, Lapis Lazuli and Iron.


Ribston is on the other side of the fountain at spawn.
Ribston sell's items based around wood, like saplings, leaves and logs.


Paula is on the stall next to Ribston.
Paula sells apples.

Worker Shane

Located on the opposite side of Paula.
Worker Shane sells building materials like Granite and Terracotta.


Valdon's stall is just outside of the Library.
Valdon deals in mob-ware. They buy and sell items like bones, gunpowder and spider eyes.


Lily's stall is right next to Valdon's.
Lily is a florist and deals in flowers.

Captain Walrus

Located on the beach behind the red balloon.
Captain Walrus buys and sells fish and coral.

Bartender Liam

Located inside the Arcade, only serves the 1%.
Not much is known about what Bartender Liam sells, but we know you need the Arcade's gold pass to access him.